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River's New Friend

Written by Michael roth

Illustration, Character Design,

 and Page Layout and Design
by Zoe Ranucci


It is always a challenge to illustrate characters based on real life people... or pets! But the author and I worked together to really capture the essence of his real life Golden Doodles, River and Willow.

"River's New Friend" is a humorous, heartwarming, and honest story about learning to appreciate a new sibling. When River, the dog, meets her new little sister, a puppy named Willow, River thinks she has found the perfect friend. But River quickly realizes that Willow isn’t a friend... she’s a MONSTER! Willow eats River’s food, slobbers on River's toys, makes messes all over the house, and takes away from River's time with Mom and Dad! But when River sets out to find someone else to be her new friend, Willow is determined to tag along. Is a friendship in store for the new siblings, after all?

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