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Zoe Ranucci is an illustrator and graphic designer specializing in illustration for children’s picture and chapter books as well businesses geared towards children. She has been illustrating for the children’s market for almost 20 years and thrives at bringing her client’s visions to life and infusing her art with joy and happiness.

Today the majority of her illustration is created exclusively on her iPad using Procreate. Zoe is also an avid user of Adobe Illustrator in which she uses more for vector logo characters and mascots.  Other programs she is fluent in include Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Originally from upstate NY, Zoe currently lives in Belmont, NC just outside of Charlotte, NC with her husband and two daughters. Operating her studio from her home where she is never short on inspiration… surrounded by her house-full of furry friends… Luna the Blood Hound, Franklin the Basset Hound, two cats – Fender and Eevee, and Wasabi the Bearded Dragon! 

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Dharma: one's Life Purpose or 'calling'. What we are destined to give back to the world.

Good Dharma Dog Photo

What is 'Good Dharma'? Well... to me, Dharma was my beloved Basset Hound. She was my first 'baby' and was with me for almost 15 years until she passed in June of 2013.


The REAL meaning of Dharma is: one's Life Purpose or 'calling'. It is what we are destined to give back to the world. And so it is, I am here to offer a little joy with my illustration and bring my client's visions to life. Namaste

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