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Written by Latoya McDonald

Illustration, Character Design,

 and Page Layout and Design
by Zoe Ranucci


NOW is the time to teach youth how to have God's Character, how to Respect Him, how to have His Attitude, how to Value a relationship with Him and how to Educate themselves in His word. NOW is the time to encourage them to C.R.A.V.E. God like they crave social media and other worldly magnets. NOW is the time to lay fear aside and show them how to Be the word of God, how to Own their victory, how to Live a righteous life and how Do what the Bible says in a B.O.L.D. way. NOW is the time to take a stand against deceit, shame, and wickedness through choosing God's word over self-satisfaction. Parents, leaders, pastors, teachers...NOW is the time to CRAVE to be BOLD!

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